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Minimal Accessories to Invest In This Summer

Minimal Accessories to Invest In This Summer

“Sun’s out”, it’s that time of the year when you’ll hear this phrase more often than not. The soaring heat is guaranteed to get the better of many. While people look for attires that are open and less covering, they tend to get rid of any additional piece of clothing on themselves.

However, fashion enthusiasts know that just wearing light clothes isn’t the way to go around in the summer. You can still style your look with minimal accessories. In fact, there are certain accessories that can provide you relief in the scorching heat while keeping your style in check.

We have compiled a list of accessories for men that you can add to your summer look and beat the heat with style.

Minimal Accessories to Wear This Summer 

People tend to wear light and bright outfits during the summers. Leading brands launch their summer collections taking all these factors into consideration like using light material with bright colors. 

Here’s a list of accessories for men to level up their style game this season.


While the idea of wearing a tie during the summers might not sound like music to the ears of many, it is an essential piece of clothing, especially for the people of the corporate world. So if you have to wear a tie, why not wear one that would turn heads?

Plain dark ties look fine with formal shirts but dotted or striped ties can take your style game to a whole new level. The striped ties with contrasting colors look nothing short of radiant in this weather. Also, summers are known for weddings, which is an occasion perfect for you to wear ties.

Try a striped or dotted tie matching your suit and stand out among the crowd.


Although cuff links aren’t worn as much they surely add class to your attire. Imagine yourself sitting in an important corporate meeting, and you put your elbow on the table. Your cufflinks would most likely emerge and convince your colleagues of your sophisticated taste in attire.

Wear them with long-sleeved shirts to make them stand out in your attire while also making them noticeable for everyone to see.


Sunglasses are clearly an essential accessory regardless of the weather. However, they prove to be very helpful on sunny days. Not only do they protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays, but they add a certain class and style to your whole look.

Multi-coated sunglasses, single-colored sunglasses, or any other type, you can choose one of them and steal the show while on a casual retreat with friends or colleagues. You can wear them when the sun’s out and hang them in your pocket or on your shirt, either way, you will look stylish.


Wallets are easily one of the most important accessories a man carries wherever he goes. 9 out of 10 times you step out of your house, you are likely to take out your wallet. So it is something people will see on you so why not carry a stylish one.

There are a variety of stylish wallets available. You can choose different colored wallets that can go with your wardrobe or choose croc-textured or double ten-pocket wallets. Traditional wallets have their charm but these unique-styled wallets will surely prompt people to pass on their compliments.


Belts are another piece of wardrobe men do not leave their houses without. Belts are clearly visible in every attire you wear, so you should opt for stylish ones.

To one-up your game, you can match your belts with your shoes. Brown belts worn with brown shoes and black belts with black shoes are a deadly combination of class and sophistication.

Nowadays, you even have shorts that require you to wear belts. So if you are headed to the beach, you can try a bright-colored belt to go with your shorts.


There is no rule with socks, and they’re not very necessary during summers, but they are compulsory if you’re up for a formal trip or wearing shoes that require them.

The traditional plain socks aren’t your only choice now. You can try different designs of socks like striped or cross-designed ones. You can match your socks with your shirts or your shoes and see how high your confidence levels get once you get your style right.

These were all the minimal accessories for men to add to their collection. The warm weather can sometimes cause discomfort, but it should not stop you from being your best self style-wise. A well-dressed man oozes confidence and a confident man thrives no matter where he goes.

So make some bold fashion moves and stand out among the rest. Try these minimal accessories with your wardrobe and bring your A-game to the show. 

Stay tuned to FHS magazine for tips on styling and more.

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