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Plain Black Tie Plain Black Tie Quick View
Need some new choices to style your formal outfits this season? With the FHS winter collection, you can easily find the right kind of...

Plain Black Tie

Olive Striped Tie Olive Striped Tie Quick View
This elegant casual silk tie would be the perfect addition to your formal wardrobe and uplift your overall look. The tie has been manufactured...

Olive Striped Tie

Grey Striped Tie Grey Striped Tie Quick View
Have a lot of special events lined up this winter? You might need a few new formal outfits in your wardrobe! And when it...

Grey Striped Tie

Classic Black Dotted Tie Classic Black Dotted Tie Quick View
Enhance your formal attire with our expertly crafted Dotted Men's Tie, a symbol of enduring sophistication and meticulous attention to detail. This captivating tie...

Classic Black Dotted Tie

Classic Checkered Tie Classic Checkered Tie Quick View
Introducing the exclusive striped silk tie from FHS collection - a modern and stylish accessory crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail....

Classic Checkered Tie

Brown Striped Tie Brown Striped Tie Quick View
Introducing our meticulously crafted Silk Men's Tie, a masterpiece of care and attention to detail. This exclusive, modern, and stylish tie, woven from 100%...

Brown Striped Tie

Diamond Patterned Tie Diamond Patterned Tie Quick View
A symbol of sophistication and refinement, a tie is an essential part of any outfit, and our 100% silk creation takes it to the...

Diamond Patterned Tie

Silky Black Striped Tie Silky Black Striped Tie Quick View
Ties serve a dual purpose: they enhance your professional appearance while adding a stylish touch that can elevate your overall look, leaving a lasting...

Silky Black Striped Tie

Elegant Off-White Tie Elegant Off-White Tie Quick View
Our silk men's tie is carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a high-quality product. It boasts an exclusive and modern look, thanks...

Elegant Off-White Tie

Elegant Pink Striped Tie Elegant Pink Striped Tie Quick View
Delve in the epitome of craftsmanship with our crafted men's silk tie that Exudes a sense of exclusivity and present-day style. Made from 100%...

Elegant Pink Striped Tie

Golden Striped Tie Golden Striped Tie Quick View
Experience unparalleled craftsmanship with our specially designed silk men's tie. Made with the utmost care and detail, this tie offers an exclusive, modern, and...

Golden Striped Tie

Silky Navy Striped Tie Silky Navy Striped Tie Quick View
Experience the embodiment of elegance with our Silk Men's Tie. Carefully designed and crafted with attention to detail, this tie is made from 100%...

Silky Navy Striped Tie

Golden Minimalistic Tie Golden Minimalistic Tie Quick View
Introducing our Silk Men's Tie - a thoughtfully crafted and attentively detailed accessory that exudes exclusivity. Made with 100% silk fabric, this stylish tie...

Golden Minimalistic Tie

Yellow Dot Patterned Tie Yellow Dot Patterned Tie Quick View
Artfully crafted from the finest silk, this tie exudes grace. Its classic dotted pattern, set against a yellow backdrop, blends perfectly with the classic...

Yellow Dot Patterned Tie

Grey Floral Tie Grey Floral Tie Quick View
Made from 100% high quality silk, this tie emerges as a modern work of art. Its unique floral pattern, set against a refined grey...

Grey Floral Tie

Maroon Dotted Tie Maroon Dotted Tie Quick View
Crafted with care and an attention to detail, this 100% silk tie is a modern masterpiece. Its exclusive design features fine dotted patterns and...

Maroon Dotted Tie

Black Satin Tie - FHS Official Black Satin Tie - FHS Official Quick View
"Need a new way to style your formal wear? Have a look at this black satin tie for men by FHS. The tie has...

Black Satin Tie

Smooth Textured Tie - FHS Official Smooth Textured Tie - FHS Official Quick View
"Ties exist to not just uplift your professionalism but to also provide your outfit with a pop that can upgrade your entire look and...

Smooth Textured Tie


Over the past few years, men’s ties have shifted from being a mandatory fashion and career staple to a trendy, yet optional styling accessory. And today, it tends to be in trend for casual wear style over a rigid dress code, even at work. At FHS Official, we have precisely created a perfect blend of colors, designs, and styles in each of our casual ties so that you can easily style them for both formal and casual occasions.


Different Types Of Men’s Tie

  1. The Classic Necktie 

One of the most famous types of men’s ties is the classic necktie. It can work for both personal and professional events. There is a myriad of trends and styles, and you can experiment with various patterns and knots to acing a sophisticated look. By adding a little tweak to the design of the tie, your entire look can be transformed. 

  1. The Cravat 

One of the most stylish types of ties for suits, the cravat is usually worn on formal occasions and is known for being very classy. It typically comes under the category of luxury fashion accessories and can be easily styled with smart blazers, velvet jackets, or even tweed suits. 

  1. Men’s Champagne Tie 

As compared to the classic tie, this type of tie is significantly thinner. This type of tie is perfect if you want to highlight your outfit. The champagne tie gives off a very young vibe and is typically avoided for formal business meetings. You can wear a men’s champagne tie to an after-party or reception, which is considered an elegant fashion statement. 

  1. Bow-Tie 

A tuxedo is only completed with a bow tie. A break from all the basic neckties, this category of ties can be your partner at formal events. Bow ties are specifically recommended when you are the main focus of an event.

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