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Color Series - Your Guide to Wearing Blue

Color Series - Your Guide to Wearing Blue

Did you know? There are 260 shades of the color blue. It is a primary color that can be mixed with green and red to provide you with a number of different colors. This means that you have unlimited options while styling blue outfits. 

This color is known for being versatile, which makes it a friendly choice for any season. It is also the color that has the power to take your outfit from ordinary to classy in seconds. 
The color blue can mean ecstasy and serenity, along with a bunch of other things in between. On one hand, blue is a calming color, as it’s meant to provide you with a sense of well-being. On the other hand, it can also mean seriousness and stability. In fashion, blue can have a countless number of meanings. 
This makes the blue color a good pick for any occasion or event. You can carry it comfortably and effortlessly, just like any other neutral color. 
However, while styling the shades of blue, there are a number of questions that come to mind. For instance, ”Am I wearing too much blue or too little?” or  “What color should I pair it with?” etc. And if such a question rises in your mind as well, then this ultimate guide to wearing blue is the answer to all your questions.

Rules to keep in mind while styling blue

  1.  For special nights, a dark or navy blue formal shirt would look unblemished, sleek, and classy.  You can begin by contrasting the texture between each piece, by pecking the definition and establishing depth. 
  2. If you are a corporate guy, then you can try pairing your blue with a sky blue shirt or a simple blue shirt with deep oxford shoes. 
  3. If you’re looking for perfect summer/spring vibes then you should try a polo shirt and pair it up with sneakers, or even moccasins. 
  4. Last but not the least, if you are going out for a semiformal night, then the classic combo of blue and white is a perfect go-to choice.
The blue color wheel, ranging from lighter shades to midnight blue, can seamlessly bring charm to your regular outfit. 
The combination ideas for blue outfits are versatile. It is perfect for any event, whether it's formal or semi-formal. The innumerable amount of styling options blue brings, makes it a staple in your wardrobe.
In the early years, men’s fashion did not have as many options or choices as today. They used to style the same colors and were reluctant to try something out of the box for fear of judgment. But now, you don’t need to hold yourself back when it comes to fashion. There’s a wide range of choices, and an even bigger space to try out whatever works best for you.
When to wear blue outfits
Parties, weddings, meetings, or just going out. Blue is the color that is a perfect fit for any occasion.
Don't hold yourself from choosing blue for your everyday basics either! It is an amazing neutral if you are not into black, beige, or brown.

Our top tips on how to wear blue

      • Grabbing a pair of blue trainers is the quickest and easiest way to style blue subtly. 
      • Own at least one of the blue distressed jeans – it is never going out of style. 
      • Complement blue with shades of brown such as tan or beige. 
      • Invest in navy suits – they won't disappoint. 
      • Blue checkered shirts assist in achieving a laid-back look effortlessly.
      • Blue on blue never fails to look amazing, as long as it’s done in a subtle, not-too-bright, way.

Summing it up!

Blue is a shade of self-confidence. Wear it as you mean it. The best thing about fashion is that it does not have limits. You will always have a bunch of options while styling one outfit.
Even after that, if you are unsure about how to wear any color, break up the clothes in neutral colors, such as trying a gray shirt with khaki chinos. 
We would equally suggest you not be afraid of pushing boundaries. If you want to wear a top or dress with a crazy blue pattern, you can give it a shot! Visit the FHS shirt collection to check out more.

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