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Classic Story - Dressing Up with the Best Chinos

Classic Story - Dressing Up with the Best Chinos

When it comes to men’s trousers, there isn’t a more versatile choice than chino pants that can easily be dressed up or down with ease. Usually referred to as “Khakis”, chinos are a smart-casual option that acts as a blend between jeans and dress pants. Remember how we spoke about dress shirts being a versatile wardrobe option for men? Chinos are basically the trouser equivalent of dress shirts. For decades, chinos have served as the first choice for a more business-casual look, but their history began in a very interesting way.

Originally, chinos were military trousers manufactured using twill cotton during the Spanish-American War. Over the course of time, these pants evolved to become a more mainstream choice of clothing and found their way into every man’s wardrobe for formal as well as casual wear. Due to their military origin, chinos tend to be a more casual choice of clothing. 

Though a lot of people call them “khakis”, you should be aware that khakis are a color of chino pants, while chinos come in a variety of other colors than just khaki. In today’s world, you’ll hardly find a men’s fashion brand that doesn’t have its separate chino collection, but not everyone offers the quality and versatility that FHS has to offer in men’s smart-casual fashion chinos. Today, we’re going to take the time out and guide you through our chino collection and how you can pair them with various outfits of your choice.

Dressing up with the Best Chinos

The first thing you need to do is choose the right chino pants to pair with an outfit. For this, you’d need to first opt for the right fit. You have three options available: the straight fit, slim fit, and relaxed fit. Of all these, the straight fit is the most popular with its cut-down style from the hips to the bottom of the pants. While the slim fit is snugger in the thighs and the relaxed fit has a wider, baggier style. 

Though there are no restrictions on what you should wear when it comes to your comfort, we’d still suggest you to go for straight-fit chinos for a more smart-casual and stylish look. 

The second thing to do would be to look into the material of your chino pants, but this isn’t as hard as choosing a fit. Chinos are essentially made with 100% cotton fabric that makes them comfortable and durable to wear. They’re a lot more lightweight and soft than jeans, making them an easy choice for summer.

The Color of Chinos

Classic Fit

Just like white dress shirts, navy blue chinos are the most preferred color for these pants The best part is, they can easily be worn with any color of shirt which further adds to their versatility. We’d suggest you go for a lighter-colored outfit with your dark navy chinos, while darker shirts would be a better match for your dull-navy chinos.

Olive Green Chinos

The muted tone of olive chinos is what makes them such a smart-casual choice for men’s wardrobe, whether you’re going for a high-end formal look or a more casual outing. Furthermore, you can easily pair them with your muted, pastel-colored shirts without worrying about your outfit coming off as too loud.

Chinos For Men

Black Chinos

As versatile as navy blue chinos, black is more or less necessary to be part of men’s wardrobe. Besides, black easily adds to the level of intimidation you want to bring out through your outfit choice, even if you go ahead and pair these pants with a black button-down shirt for a business-casual look. 

Brown Chinos For Men

The Outfit

Polo Shirts

As we said, the best thing about chinos is that you can dress up or dress down with ease in these bottoms, and when it comes to doing both of that, there’s no better smart-casual look for summers than your polo shirts. Match them with your choice of chinos for an impressive yet subtle style that captures your fashion sense in the most sophisticated way.

Grey Chinos For Men

Dress Shirts

Known as a staple for men’s wardrobe, dress shirts and chinos complement each other in a lot more ways than any other pieces of clothing put together. And the dress shirt-chino blend is something that goes with every occasion, from casual retreats to formal events and meetings, and fits with any age group’s choice of wardrobe.

Chinos For Professional Attire

Casual Shirts

Lastly, if you’re looking for a comfortable yet not-too sophisticated look, match your chinos with casual shirts for a more dressed-down, smart-casual style. Pair your dark-colored chinos with lighter-colored shirts for a more complementary look.

Best Chinos For Men

This was our guide for you to wear chino pants. Depending on the outfit you’ve put together, you can easily match them with the right pair of shoes i.e. sneakers for your casual look, whereas moccasins and penny loafers for your business-casual wardrobe choices. Whatever you wear with your chino pants, make sure you’re making the right choice when it comes to the event you’re attending and the color you’re putting together so that the outfit you wear represents your personality and style without compromises.

Visit the FHS magazine for our look book and to read more about our collection.

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