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Ali Raza X FHS - Styling Your Shoes with an Eastern Look

Experts say that shoes are the first piece of clothing that a man’s personality is judged upon; this includes the type of shoe they wear, its cleanliness, fit, color, and whether it even goes with the outfit they’re wearing or if they just put those shoes on for the sake of wearing shoes. 

Therefore, all of these factors are important when it comes to men styling their shoes with their clothes. In fact, shoes are reported to be one of the first things men look for when it comes to their outfit style, as they’re considered to be an indication of one’s wealth, culture, power, and class - by looking at one’s shoes alone, some people make inferences about their character in ways that doesn’t even require words.

Ali Raza x FHS

FHS is a brand that understands the importance a man’s shoes can have in their lives, and we’ve always tried to focus on their fashionability and compatibility when it comes to smart-casual clothing. However, only because we focus on being a more smart-casual clothing brand doesn’t mean that our shoes' collection is rigid and fitting to only one style of outfit for men. 

So this time, we took a different route to showcase the versatility of our contemporary shoes’ collection by collaborating with Ali Raza - an influencer, popular with the millennials and Gen-Z alike, who has always perfectly pulled off the style we’ve wanted to portray.

In this collaboration, we displayed multiple pairs of shoes from our moccasin collection to be styled with different Eastern outfits to create a variety of looks fitting to various occasions. Ali Raza captured these looks from sophisticated white colors to a fusion of red and blue Kurtas, combined with accessories like stole and overcoats to make his style more prominent and flexible without taking the spotlight away from how the shoes make the entire outfit more complete.

casual shoes

The purpose behind this campaign was to leverage a look of different Eastern and traditional styles that can be carried with shoes from FHS, giving you a new way to make your fashion more personalized, making you look classy and good, and providing a positive impression to whoever you meet. 

Want to know more about our collaborations and collections? Visit our magazine and check out more from our shoes collection.

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