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When it comes to men’s wardrobe choices, FHS has created its own sense of style with a variety of product ranges in the brand’s collection. With the goal of adapting to the latest trends in the fashion industry, we have refined the concept of a modern man, and we’re always ready to discover and design new styles when it comes to our fashion collection’s “smart casuals”. Our mindset revolves around being timeless when it comes to serving the consumer, evolving according to what is demanded in the current fashion trends rather than staying glued to a stagnant style.

Reflecting on the Casual Retreat Collection

With our objectives and trend-setting ideation in mind, we come up with new styles throughout the year, varying according to the product and seasons. This has been seen time and again, with the latest coming during the launch of the spring/summer of 2021 collection, when the smart casuals introduced in men’s clothing focused on “Reinventing Style”, with the audience targeted being 28 years of age or above. This theme had a variety of elements and colors in each product’s design that highlighted their relevance for the season, while also promising a high-quality design and a bold fashion statement for the audience.

The Latest Winter Fashion Collection - The Ace & The Protégé

Now, FHS has launched its winter fashion collection, named “The Ace and the Protégé” giving the audience a look at our brand’s contemporary fashion statement.

The basic ideation behind this entire concept is to highlight the role of the changing world and the evolving dynamics when it comes to men and their personalities, depicted through their wardrobes. This entire collection is aimed to target young audiences as much as adults, highlighting a “mentor & mentee” approach. In the old days, elders were at the crux of making decisions for everyone in the household, whether it concerned bigger life choices or smaller things like which clothes to wear and what wardrobe to invest in.

contemporary clothing brand

But since then, we believe the roles have changed dynamically, with the younger generation being at the center of the decision-making process, especially when it comes to choosing how to carry and present one’s self. Keeping this influence of the younger generation in mind, the latest collection is designed with an approach to target the contemporary mentor and mentee lifestyle.

The mentor is an experienced and sophisticated grown-up who has established his own style and doesn’t shy away from boasting it outwardly. While the mentee is just learning from the mentor, looking up to, and getting influenced by him but, at the same time, adding his own flair to whatever he chooses to do, and that includes his wardrobe style.

contemporary style fashion

The concept behind the entire collection has been expressed openly through its photographs, with the looks made to match with the entire theme; with the relationship between a mentor and the mentee being reflected in all the shots, the younger model wearing lighter shades and his own style depicted in the way he’s dressed, while the older being shown in darker shades, oozing a mature, hardened, and professional look, the message behind this collection is clear to the audience.

The winter collection has been launched in-stores and online. Shop our collection now at

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