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What Not to Wear in Men's Clothing - A Guide

What Not to Wear in Men's Clothing - A Guide

Imagine having a job interview and one of the candidates comes in unkempt clothes and a messy hairstyle, indicating he’s just woken up. What would be your first impression of him? Would you even want to interview him? And imagine you do go through with interviewing him, and he turns out to be more competent than any other candidates you’d interviewed so far. But you might still end up not hiring him, only because he didn’t bother to make himself look presentable and then faltered with his confidence during the interview for that very reason. 

So while you may think that dressing up is something you don’t need to put much thought into, your fashion choice directly correlates with the personality you possess and how you want the world to perceive you. And it’s not even about the world at all times. There’s something known as enclothed cognition, i.e. the impact our clothes have on our psychological processes and perception. This means the way we carry ourselves can directly impact our own confidence, feelings, and functioning. 

blue checkered dress shirt

Take a moment and replace yourself with the unkempt interview candidate. Would you feel confident if you were in his place, and hope to nail the interview? Probably not, right? Because to show your real self, you need to dress in a way that captures your personality. 

Here at FHS, we’re always working to introduce the most trendy yet attractive smart casual fashion wardrobe for men in our collection, and we have discussed it too in our magazine time and again. But today, we want to discuss specifically what men shouldn’t wear when it comes to their wardrobe and styling choices.

Baggy Clothes

A good fit can go a long way to determine your styling sense and make you come off as a professional, inviting attraction from those around you. Whereas, baggy, wide-sized clothes that are ill-fitted for your physique, look unprofessional and make you come off as sloppy. Therefore, you must always know your size for the clothes you buy or get them custom-made for yourself with the right fitting measurements.

Untucked Dress Shirts

If you’re planning to go casual, you may just wear a casual button-down shirt or a t-shirt. But never untuck your dress shirts; the reason they’re long is that they’re meant to be tucked in. It’s also important to choose the pants you’re wearing with your dress shirts. Make sure they’re chinos or trousers and not jeans. The more appropriately you dress, the more confidence you’ll have in yourself.

stylish men's clothing

Too Wide/Skinny Ties

A man’s tie should always be proportional to his suit lapel’s width. Get a tie too thick, and you’re going to look quite old-fashioned, wear one too thin, and you’ll come off as unprofessional. Hence, it’s important to wear ties that are 2-3 inches wide in width. 

Pajama Pants in Public

If you’re running to the grocery store for an errand and intend to stay in your car for the majority of the trip, it should be okay not to change for this duration. But other than that, there’s no need for those pants to be worn in public places.

UGG Boots

Unless you’re traveling to a highly snowy mountainous area where you’d be walking a lot, UGG boots are a huge no, especially for men. They don’t look attractive, and they don’t fit in with most of the clothes in your wardrobe. If you’re wearing them to keep yourself warm inside your house, that should be okay. But apart from that, derbies, dress shoes, and other men’s boots will be a better option.

men's pants

There’s a significant difference between showing off your personality and dressing badly. And the bad may seem quite relative too at times. If wearing certain bright-colored clothes is something that defines you better than muted colors, go ahead and wear them. But the trick comes from making tiny and simple yet quite significant changes to your outfit that better define your personality. So add all the right elements and blend them in a way that turns them into statement pieces. You just need to figure out what your wardrobe choices say about you and then use this observation to your advantage. 

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