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Formal shoes monk straps

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Formal shoes monk straps

A shoe is called to be “classic” since its first appearance in fashion, Monk Straps are a timeless choice that never gets old regardless of trends. Considered to be a cross between loafers and Oxfords, Monk Straps are also a good shoe to be called slip-on. So basically, their comfort gives them a casual feel, while their build keeps them in the formal category of men’s wardrobe.


Single vs Double Monk Strap Shoes 

Now that you know a little about Monk Straps, let’s give you all the basics you need to know about the two kinds of Monk Straps that men should have in their wardrobe. 

Single Monk Straps 

Single-strapped Monks are a lot more subtle, with a minimal and cleaner look than their double-strapped nemesis. This is why single monk straps are considered more suitable for formal outings. 

Double Monk Straps 

Double Monk Strap Shoes are a lot more casual looking, making them suitable for parties, weddings, and other semi-formal and casual occasions where you don’t necessarily need a minimal and muted look. 

Classic Monk Straps 

Classic Monk Straps, with a strong resemblance to Oxfords, come with minimal detailing. They have a smooth, uncluttered, subtle appearance that appeases the more quiet personalities. 

Toe Cap 

In need of a Monk Strap that’s suitable for meetings? There you have it, the toe cap. The added touch of a leather toe to this shoe makes it a business casual choice that you’d definitely want in your wardrobe. 

Wing Tip 

A classic that exceeds every other Monk Strap. The Wing Tip comes with an elegant, unique, and sophisticated look that you’d love to flaunt to make a strong and lasting impression. 

There’s a lot more to Monk Straps than what we’ve described above. But now that you have your basics right, you can start looking for the shoes that better fit the feel of your wardrobe.

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